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Simple drag and drop editing makes it quick to learn and fun to use.


Findmyshift was specifically designed for point and click style editing, with intuitive right click menus and keyboard shortcuts. You can cut and paste shifts, schedules, staff and facilities, just like you'd expect in an offline web roster application. These simple time saving features are quick to learn, and make it easier than ever to create and edit staff rosters online.


Pay as you go scheduling with one price for unlimited staff.

It doesn't matter if your business has 2 or 200 staff because our pricing model keeps things simple. Prices start at $18.99 per month, with no limits as to how many staff you can add to your web roster. The pay as you go pricing model means no contracts, set-up fees or hidden charges, and you can start building your roster in minutes.


Your web roster is always available online, anywhere, any time.

To share your roster, all staff and managers need is an internet connection. Log in from work, from home, or even on your mobile. Last minute shift swaps and cancellations can now be dealt with in just a few clicks of a mouse.


It runs in any web browser on PCs, Macs, iPads and smart-phones.

Findmyshift works with PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and smart-phones. Fully supported in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, you can access, update and manage your staff schedules any time and anywhere you're online. Nothing to download and nothing to install, ever! You can even check shifts with your Amazon Kindle!


Invite your staff to log in and check, request or swap shifts from home.

Findmyshift allows you to notify staff of roster updates, and with each notification, staff members are sent unique log in details to access their online roster and accept, cancel and request shifts. Staff can also apply for time off months in advance- its all in the web roster!


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Manage your web roster from anywhere, any time on any computer. Swap shifts at the last minute, text your staff, approve time-off, and watch labour costs. Free for a month, there's nothing to install, nothing to download and no credit card required. Start your web roster Today!

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