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Figgo is a web-based leave management system entirely dedicated to tracking and monitoring employees leave and absence. Unlike other applications it doesn’t pretend to do anything else and because of this it does a very good job.

You can configure the interface to suit many different industry applications and the product is used in more than 250 companies in 30 countries.


By and large it is a very user friendly interface extremely easy to set up with multilingual support. More than 40,000 people use this web-based fleet management system. Connection to the server secureyou can be assigned a dedicated URL service availability is 25/7 and your data is backed up and stored online for one month.


An online demo is available in addition to a trial version. The product is priced depending on the number of users with price breaks available for bulk purchases.


The main features of this product include leave requests, approval processes, a department leave calendar and employee balances. These four main parts constitute the basis of a leave system. Essentially the application needs to do no more in the case of this product simplicity is the key.

Online Leave Management

Request, Approve and Track Employee Leave Online

Justlogin is an intelligent online leave management system with some very clever features. Aside from the standard features such as application approval and recording abilities just login all so provides e-mail notifications to the approving officer and applicants leave approval leave approval through normal e-mail without the need to login, block leave document tracking and leave adjustment.


There is an excellent leave calendar to provide a comprehensive view of who is on leave. Leave records are automatically updated once applications are approved.



Leavemaster 2.0 features a very slick user interface with role sensitive menus so that users can only see the features are allowed to use. You can view multiple calendars, leave planner and a personal summary page. The simple request forms update your leave status reviews in the  “whose off today” information screen making employee leave management breeze.


The interface allows for easy recognition of employees who habitually take unwarranted sick days by producing highlighted patterns and trends across your organisation. This is one of the main advantages of the Leavemaster system - it is so easy use and measure the performance of your employees.


Leavemaster is certainly a comprehensive application and you pay for it! Is one of the more expensive applications in the market that some would argue it’s well worth it.