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Google calendars best features are clearly it is connectivity. Sharing calendars with other users is an absolute breeze. Simply select from your list of contacts who you would like to share your calendar with, set permissions for those users and they are automatically e-mailed advising them that are shared calendar is available. This of course is only available to users who have their own Google account stop


The online nature of Google calendar means that your calendar is accessible anywhere in the world through any browser on any computer or smartphone. Interestingly, Google is best feature (accessibility) is a potential downfall. There is currently no off-line access for your Google calendar so if you don’t have any current Internet access you cannot view your calendar.


Google has all of the standard features you might expect to find in a calendar including multiple calendars, warnings of upcoming events, access to a number of public calendars are vents such as holidays, movie releases and sports. Somewhat surprisingly, Google  calendar is entirely at free.


For ease of use, accessibility and integration with other Google apps you can’t go past Google calendar.


OfficeZilla is a partially free online collaboration application. This is a significant application including not just to counter the whole project management suite of modules. You can add projects, assign team members, assign tasks to members and monitor progress. Some of the more advanced modules you have to pay for.


Officezilla has some serious competitors on the market including Basecamp. By comparison Officezilla is a much simpler program and the only real criticism is that sometimes the simplicity provides too little in the way of control over the project and detailed information. So if you are running a number of time sensitive projects with a high degree of complexity in the monitoring processes Filezilla would not be my first choice.

Base camp is a subscription-based online project management tool. There is no setup fee and you can upgrade or downgrade any time. Being web-based, you can access base camp using any PC or Mac via a can get base camp on a 30 day free trial.


As with other project management tools the main purpose of base camp is to manage projects and organise your documents in one place and share across all the team members. Base camp is very easy to use and you will get up and running in minutes. It has all the essentials including multiple project management, multiple user management, task management, milestones and message boards in addition to whiteboards and uploads/downloads.


Users of base camp firmly believe that this product significantly improves the success of any project through better communication, more accurate record-keeping and the more timely completion of tasks.

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Teamwork is also a subscription-based online project management tool. Teamwork is a less expensive option than base camp that still includes all the features you would expect to see. The web interface is very uncluttered and most users experience a very short time to get their first project up and going.

Teamwork provides custom domains which allow a degree of customisation for your web interface reduce the look and feel that reflects your organisation rather than the application providers.


Perhaps the main feature provided by teamwork but not present in base camp is the ability to assign multiple tasks to multiple people from multiple companies. Teamwork also has a superior security module  allowing multiple hierarchal permissions and very flexible commission levels for intranet control over staff access records and information.

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